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Calypso Minerals Swatches

EDIT January 2010

As you may know, Calypso Minerals has sadly become an untrusted company. This post is from September of 2009, where I completely encouraged ordering these shadows, as they really are amazing. I could have never possibly known what would happen to some of you guys, several of you out large sums of money. I have received more than one comment telling me how wrong and unfair it is to still support this company by leaving this post up, but I will not be taking it down as you can no longer buy the products anyway. I may recommend something, but it is based on my personal taste and experiences with something. It is up to you to make the decision to purchase something, and you are always buying at your own risk. Any comments regarding this will be deleted promptly.

The last I have heard, Jen is working on refunding people or sending their products to right the situation.

Hey guys! This is my very first package from Calypso Minerals, and I can not even begin to tell you how excited I was to try these. After watching vintageortacky open her package and seeing her first reaction, I knew these shadows were not going to disappoint. I placed my order a couple of weeks ago, and since Jen was so backed up she was kind enough to include some extras! To say I was floored when I started swatching these isn’t good enough..I can’t believe the quality at such a great price.

Follow the cut for swatch pictures!

These were all swatched LIGHTLY over NYX Milk jumbo pencil on top and NYX Black Bean jumbo pencil on bottom. That’s right, I didn’t pack on a ton of product to get this kind of color payoff!


First up are the Twilight shadows. You guys know I had to have all four because, well, I’m obsessed with Twilight. Duh. Anyway..these are all duochromes, and they are all absolute must haves for beauty newbies to novices alike. Twilight reflects purple, New Moon reflects blue, Eclipse reflects pink and Breaking Dawn reflects green. Breaking Dawn is so gorgeous that it almost makes up for the book being a complete fail. Almost. Moving on…


I wish Fanta had shown up as pretty in pictures as it does in person, but alas. Tango is a vivid pumpkin color, and I can already see it paired with Chocolate Truffle for the fall. Mango reminds me of MAC’s Melon pigment a little, except about ten times prettier. Lime Lite..well, come on. Just look at it. You know you want that.


Here we have some purples and probably the most fabulous blue I’ve ever seen from a mineral company. Take the picture of Topaz and imagine it twice as vibrant and there’s your ideal blue. Ambitious and Whatever look similar as they both have a blue duochrome, but Ambitious is more pink toned while Whatever is more purple. And of course, Matte Violet. The second Cora swatched it compared to MUFE #92, I knew I had to get it. It didn’t let me down at all. It’s soft, pigmented and blendable..everything you want but don’t always get in a matte shadow.

I hope you guys liked this review. There’s a rainbow stacker with my name on it, so once I get it you’ll be the first ones to know. Have a wonderful weekend!


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