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Beauty from the Earth Swatches part 2

Hey guys! As some of you might know, Beauty from the Earth has been having Twitter contests every night. I was lucky enough to win all three prizes last Friday and I just got my package. The prize for that day was three shadows per question, so I got nine!
Follow the cut for pictures and a review!
I already knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed by BFTE, but some of these colors are absolutely jaw dropping. Onto the swatches so you guys can see what I mean.

All were swatched over NYX jumbo pencil in Milk.


Whisper fools you. In the jar, it looks like a beige highlight color, but once you apply it this AWESOME violet duochrome pops out! Given, most companies do offer a violet duochrome, I have never seen one that didn’t have a white base, so this one truly stands out. Unfortunately, my camera refused to pick up the violet tones..but take my word on it and pick this one up if you’re too afraid of the white/violet ones out there.

Sweet Niblets is this insanely pigmented matte mustard yellow color with lots of orange. If you have blue eyes, go get this NOW! You will not be disappointed.

Coal was a color that I knew I had to get. The older I get the more I like matte shadows, but it seems like a lot of them just aren’t up to par. The mattes from BFTE leave nothing to be desired, at all. I would buy Coal ten times over.


Canyon is a beautiful beigey nude color with some shimmer. If you are a neutral fan, this one is for you. It would make a fantastic lid color or a a very light crease color for the pale girls like me.

Sherbet is another shadow that didn’t photograph exactly like it is in real life. It’s exactly what you would think of when you see the name, a pastel creamsicle orange with yellow tones. I think this would be really great with Sweet Niblets for you blue eyed gals.

Prissy is a color that I picked mainly for the name. Admit it, we all do that from time to time. I have a cat named Missy, who we fondly call Prissy Missy..and this is quite literally the color of her nose. Anyway, it’s the perfect pastel pink..not too red, not too blue, with just the right amount of shimmer.


Serene is a super pastel lavender shade that would be absolutely gorgeous on any very fair, green eyed ladies out there. It’s light enough that it could even work as a purple highlight if you applied it lightly enough.

Cornflower is another color that fools you. In the jar it looks like a very pastel cornflower color, but once you apply it a certain brightness just jumps out at you.

Mint is just that, a pastel mint green. This is another color that I’d love to see on the fair, green eyed folks..especially paired with a brown. It would be like mint chocolate chip ice cream, but better.

Overall I can honestly say that I love every single color. I saw the pastel shadows on this page (where the swatches are much, much better than mine) and knew that I had to get them. I’m usually not the biggest pastel fan in the world, but these are just too beautiful. All of BFTE’s shadows are very soft, not too powdery with an almost creamy feel to them that makes applying them a breeze.


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