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Makeup Storage

Hey guys. This is just a quick one about my makeup storage. I found my newest storage cart at Target for $13.99..an awesome deal, I think! Before I was using two of the smaller 8 1/2 x 11 three drawer ones, which worked OK but it took up too much space on my desk. I really love my new cart since I can roll it out of the way when I’m not using it..an awesome plus for people who don’t have much space, like me. I found the black dividers at Walmart, though an awesome commenter let me know that she found some at the .99 cent store! The silver pen holder in the bottom drawer was actually from Walmart, though for some reason I said Office Max. I’m sure you could find it just about anywhere, though.

Lets break down the approximate cost for everything :
Storage cart : $14
Silver pen holder : $6
Four black dividers $4
= $24!

Much better than buying a huge train case if you don’t cart your makeup around with you!

I hope you guys enjoy this, I know I love seeing how other people store their makeup because it always inspires me to switch everything up once in a while! I’m sorry it’s such a mess, I don’t think I have it quite like I want it just yet..but you’ll get a general idea of how much room is in this little sucker!

Follow the cut for close up pictures!

Top drawer : face products and brush rolls


Second drawer : false lashes, grooming and gel liners


Third drawer : eyeshadows
(two black dividers are stacked, the lower section holds all of my MAC pigment samples, BFTE and Calypso Minerals)


Fourth drawer : lip products


Bottom drawer : palettes, liners, mascaras and brushes



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